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With Google constantly changing their algorithm to punish the black-hat-wearing SEO spammers, there need for legitimacy is more than ever. Black-hat SEO’s are all around the world. For every SEO agency that does things the right way, there are many that don’t. Black hat style SEO may have been effective previously, but it definitely isn’t now. Automated programs that send out thousands of links of spam has previously seen your company receive page one results. Now you’ve got a penalty.

Google has no sympathy for companies that have been using illegitimate techniques to manipulate the search rankings over time. Whilst the majority of these websites have outsourced their SEO and the dodgy company has done it, Google doesn’t care. Sites that are found to have unnatural links will drop significantly down the rankings.

The Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have ensured that the websites that are employing black-hat tactics aren’t getting the results they want. What’s the answer? White hat SEO. Whilst the Hummingbird update has supposedly killed link-building, real SEO experts aren’t concerned. White hat link-building isn’t dead at all. Poor quality links will see you punished, but high quality, relevant content will still see your website move up the rankings.

The “content marketing” phenomenon has digital marketers swooning over different ways of marketing their products, but this is still a form of link building. By creating amazing content on a social media platform, you are encouraging your readers and audience to share the content, creating more links to your site. Effective link building.

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Brett Hardiman is MD at SEO Melbourne Experts and a Search Engine Optimisation expert with over 15 years experience working with and advising businesses of all sizes on their internet marketing strategy.

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