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Content marketing is all about relevance and value: creating superb material to entice potential customers into seeing things from your company’s point of view. It’s all well and good to bombard the consumer market with endless streams of information, however, if you really want to gain the respect and attention of your audience, it is crucial to provide quality content that not only captures the onlookers’ eye, but also presents a sense of worth.

Social media marketing, SEO, public relations and inbound marketing all depend heavily on content marketing. Search engines value and reward businesses that regularly publish quality content, while inbound marketing means that content is vital for driving inbound traffic and leads.

So how does one achieve the creation of such brilliant and riveting content, which is easily found? What does it take to enhance, or even change, consumer behaviour, attract new customers and own the media? Truth be told, there is no one obvious answer. It takes an array of skills and tools to develop appealing and significant content. However, once honed, these skills can be the most efficient and effective way to gain exposure and publicity for your business.

One way of creating meaningful content is to use multiple keyword phrases, embedding them all within the writing. Such a technique would help in ensuring consistency of the message, and reaffirming the main point in the readers’ minds. Additionally, cross-promoting website content can help to improve the legitimacy of your message, as well as spreading awareness throughout varying networks. Constant website updates will also help to increase awareness, ensuring continuous relevancy and keeping your company ahead of upcoming trends. Such updates, of new and enhanced content performed by an SEO Melbourne agency will further help with Google rankings, ensuring your site is ranked higher for up-to-date keywords and industry developments.

Sponsors and external stakeholders can also help with keeping content relevant and meaningful, sharing your content and helping your company to gain exposure through a system of referrals. Company presentations can further be posted on Slideshare, increasing the number of traditional links to your content and raising awareness of your business. Additional blog posts may also be helpful in boosting back links and once again determining, in Google’s eyes, that your content is worthy of being viewed and shared.

Ultimately, content marketing is dependent upon quality and a strong planning structure for getting it out into the world, whether it is using news, videos, infographics, photos, e-books, or the ever-growing world of social media. It can build customer relationships by communicating consistent and valuable information, which, in the end, can make or break your business.

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Brett Hardiman is MD at SEO Melbourne Experts and a Search Engine Optimisation expert with over 15 years experience working with and advising businesses of all sizes on their internet marketing strategy.

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