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28 Oct 2013

Topical Optimisation

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Now that the dust has finally settled from Google’s Hummingbird update, the real effects of the change are discovered. Whilst many SEO experts around the world are banging on about the ramifications of the update and just how big it really is, legitimate SEO workers haven’t been too phased. The update was based around longer tail keywords, with the intention of better understanding smart-technology with voice commands.

Take Siri for example. Apple’s smartphone helper that is designed to help users navigate their phone and the Internet. An iPhone user can gain the help of Siri for all kinds of functionality, especially searching Google. When a web user searches a topic such as “best headphones”, it’s assumed that they are searching for reviews of current models that indicate their overall quality. This would be a keyword that is input into Google manually, but it would be a different proposition when enlisting the help of Siri for your searching.

Saying the phrase “best headphones” out loud isn’t natural. Google understands this and has used the update to implement a new voice aware algorithm. When searching Google for information via voice control, a user is more likely to say “what are the best brand headphones” or “what are the best headphones”. Previously, these search terms would have been completely independent and not able to be linked. Hummingbird has seen these kinds of phrases be linked.

What does this mean for the SEO industry? One of the key new ideas that can effectively help SEO campaigns is topical optimization. This is when the on-site isn’t just optimized for the targeted keywords, but also for the broader related topics. By ensuring that the on-site content is completely relevant to the topics that are being targeted, you are ensuring that the page will be gaining visitors from a variety of search terms.

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