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14 Nov 2013

The Rise of the Online Space

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With over 2 billion Internet users world wide, the online space has undergone a massive growth – a growth of 566% since the year 2000, to be exact. So what does this mean for SEO? That it is now more important than ever to make use of the online arena, in order to gain exposure for your business and to reach new clients, whilst maintaining relationships with the current customers.

People use the Internet for a variety of different reasons, including research, banking, shopping, meeting people, finding information about health, making travel reservations and looking for a job. While Google is at the top of the list of websites most used, with 188 million views a month and 3 billion searches per day, both YouTube and Facebook are close followers, with 157 million and 148 million views, respectively.

The rise of social media has meant a new addition to the list of important SEO elements. It means that links to and from social media are now being taken into consideration, and that these sites have become of high authority, with so many people viewing them on a day-to-day basis. Talking to an SEO company about creating an effective online marketing strategy that has a focus on social media might be a great way to keep up to date with the current trends.

While Facebook stands tall at the top of the social media most used list, with 1 billion users, other players such as YouTube, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn are still in the game, having 800 million, 500 million, 340 million and 200 million users, respectively. Capitalising on these users is a great way of getting your name out there and building a strong sense of rapport with potential clients.

Meanwhile, over in Google land, studies indicate that the top result in Google’s search list receives 36.4% of clicks. Additionally, most people don’t get past the first page of results. Such statistics highlight the importance of SEO and its effectiveness in gaining business for ones company, creating traffic and turning that traffic into the all-important conversions that businesses are looking for.

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