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Reporting on the progress of your SEO strategies is an important part of your campaign. Whilst you should see significant rises in traffic after implementing all of your strategies, it is important to monitor the data that your campaign is creating. Two of the most important metrics to report on are your search engine ranking positions (SERP) and your websites traffic.

Tracking your rankings is a critical part of your SEO campaign. By engaging an online rank tracking service, you can easily track your targeted keywords rankings positions. By keeping a close eye on these ranking positions, you are able to view any trends, how they are ranking against each other and if there are any dramatic changes. Analysing this data will allow you to gain insights about what is and isn’t working in your campaign and then make changes to your strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics is another extremely important tool for generating reports on any search campaign. By gaining insights into how much traffic your website is receiving, you are then able to modify the architecture, design or usability of your site to ensure that it is converting as much traffic as possible. One of the key metrics in Google Analytics is the bounce rate. Whilst your SEO campaign may be generating a great deal of web traffic through high search ranking positions, it may not be converting this traffic into leads, enquiries or sales.

If your site has a high bounce rate, then there is an obvious flaw in the design and usability or your offering doesn’t properly match up to the keywords. Looking back to keyword research, if your selected keywords have a high search volume, but don’t actually reflect your product or service, they will be useless to your business.

Whilst Google Analytics no longer offers the exact keyword source of your traffic, it will still show you the acquisition data. This can be broken up generally into non-paid search traffic, paid search traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic and social traffic. These are key sources of traffic for your website and it’s important to understand just how users are mainly being drawn to your page. These qualifiers are all able to extensively researched to include details about the location of your users, the time in which they interact the site and much more.

With such great insights into how users are directly interacting with your page, you can easily spot trends and patterns and then adjust your website accordingly. Reporting and data analysis is crucial to the sustainability of any search marketing campaign as it allows you to stay ahead of the game and rectify any issues before they become major problems and influence your business.

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