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What Social Media can do for Your Business

Having a comprehensive social media strategy to complement your SEO efforts is crucial. Everyone is going online and competing for the attention of their target market. But how do you get started? This is the first and probably the most difficult step in getting your social media running. It is also a great step which will hopefully lead towards a brighter future for your business.

Using Facebook to Attract Customers

Setting up a Facebook page is easy. So long as you’ve had at least a tiny bit of experience with Facebook before. Once you have created the page, it is a good idea to post a bit of content. A profile picture is also important. You can invite others to like the page. This way they will get to see that your page actually has content on it from the very first time they visit it. To make the best first impressions, it is a good idea to put forward the best content you have at the very star. Then create a social media content strategy to work to from there on.

Inviting advocates of your business to ‘like’ the page is a great start. It will create positive interactions and show that your page is getting interest. Inviting others to like the page as well will extend the reach that you have. It is important to note that some people may not have positive views of your company. They may post negative feedback on your Facebook page’s wall or on something you post if they do not agree with it. You must be careful of what you post. Don’t offend anyone and never make promises that you cannot keep.

Variety is Key

Making a variety of posts and seeing what users respond to best can help indicate what kind of content your customers find interesting or like, and can help determine the kinds of posts you make in the future. Posting the same type of content that receives little to no interactions is a great way of going nowhere fast, and should be avoided at all costs.

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Put Your Social Media Plan into First Gear!
Takes a look at what social media can do for a company. How it can revitalise and assist in recruiting new customers.
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