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What Marketing for Mobile can do for Your Company

Creating a website that is mobile responsive is crucial in this day and age. Many people are opting to use their phone for their Internet access on-the-go. This means that creating websites that can easily be accessed via mobile devices such as phones, iPads and other tablets is a must. Using mobile marketing strategies and techniques can help get you the reach that your business needs.

Mobile marketing can help you reach users in a place where they already are – online. This has several advantages over other forms of marketing, such as TV advertising. With TV advertising you have to choose a time slot when people are watching, and sometimes, the TV ad is over just as quickly as it begins. With mobile or online advertising, users can look at the content presented to them whenever they want. Also wherever they are, not just on the couch in front of the television set.

The Varying Roles of Smartphones

Many people use the Internet on their phones when travelling to and from work, going to meet their friends or just looking for something to capture their attention. The massive increase in online shopping customers and purchases further proves this point. It is crucial to have a mobile website or app to cater to the needs of your clients.

Famous and Effective Mobile Marketing Campaigns

One mobile marketing campaign that is noteworthy is the Cornetto campaign which was launched in Istanbul. The campaign involved the use of a game that was projected onto the side of a large building. People who walked past the building would instantly notice it. They could use their phones to play the game. This involved them trying to collect three Cornettos. If they succeeded they would be handed a free Cornetto ice cream on the spot!

Obviously, not everyone can afford to have such extravagant mobile marketing campaigns. However, mobile marketing can still have a large impact even when done on a smaller scale. People love interacting with brands, as it makes them feel as though they have a voice or an input. This aspect of mobile marketing is what makes it so great.

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Mobile Marketing in a Whole New Way
Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies. This article looks at the importance of incorporating it into strategy.
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