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19 Nov 2013

Long Tails And Topics

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With Google stripping back its keyword data in Google Analytics, search engine optimization specialists worldwide have had to change tack on their campaigns. For a legitimate, transparent SEO company, the lack of keyword data is more of a speed hump than a stop sign. Anyone who understands search engine optimisation strategies knows that keywords aren’t the be all and end all of the industry.

They are definitely important. As blogged about previously, we understand just how valuable certain keywords can be. Buyer intent keywords with huge search volumes are of course an important part of the industry. You need to be directing significant traffic to your website to make it out in the big bad world.

Google’s now lack of keyword data, combined with the significant Hummingbird update points to one thing: broader, longer tail keywords. With this, it’s time to start considering related topics rather than just independent keywords.

By focusing on related topics to the keywords that you want to rank for, you are effectively covering all necessary bases. Topics are a great way to rank for a whole group of keywords, rather than focus all your energy on one. With the Hummingbird update, the way in which Google are responding to longer tail, broader search results has changed significantly. With longer phrases now being ranked far more effectively, the value on these sorts of keywords has dramatically increased.

The implementation of Hummingbird has seen SEO strategies change again. With these search queries now being an important part of any search, the it’s important for SEO specialists to be right there with them.

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