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Once your website has been optimized and indexed by Google, you can embark on a link building campaign. Link building has long been one of the “go to” strategies for SEO professionals. With Google’s search algorithm constantly evolving and heavily focusing on web spam, the face of link building has changed too.

With Google using a websites authority as a key metric in their ranking algorithm, link building is a key factor in your SEO campaign. By embarking on an effective link building campaign, your website will properly align with similar sites in your industry niche. Building links to your website on various online sources will bring users to your website, increase your rankings on search engines and spread your content across a wide range of platforms and forums, to a host of different audiences. guidelinks

In the past, link-building campaigns have involved automated programs posting thousands of duplicate, spam-type links all over the web. These would include huge volumes of exactly duplicate posts on forums, blogs comments and link directories. In the past, this style of link building has been effective due to the nature of significantly adding the number of back links to your website. Fast-forward to 2014 though, and Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates are making sure that these styles of links will become detrimental to your site.

With this no longer being a viable option, the way to build beneficial links is organically. This means that the link back to your website needs to be completely natural to ensure it is advantageous. Growing your link profile naturally may seem difficult, but ensuring you are constantly producing high quality, relevant content will ensure your links are natural. By generating great content, you immediately have the material needed for your link building campaign.

With Google seriously cracking down on SEO strategies that include a large volume of spam-type back links, it has become absolutely critical to ensure your link building campaign is running efficiently. There are a couple of other methods to build your links organically:

Local directory links are an effective way of building your websites authority whilst also adding online brand awareness. By listing your company in relevant local directories, you are ensuring that not only you are gaining a link back to your site, but also promoting your business to the searching public. By inputting your company’s details into many quality web directories, Google will acknowledge your increased authority.

Another great way of building effective links for your SEO campaign is through blog and article sites. By actively blogging on different platforms and linking back to your website, you are generating fresh content relating to your website whilst also growing your authority. Platforms to upload and update content for link building purposes include Squidoo, Hubpages, WordPress blogs, Tumblr, Blogger, Blogspot and many more!

Generating press releases that include links to your site has previously been a staple strategy for SEO experts. In 2013, optimized press releases lost significant value with the introduction of Google’s anti spam updates. Google views on press releases is that they are over done by SEO companies purely trying to gain link traction from them.

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