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Identifying the right keywords for your search campaign is one of the most crucial determining factors of the final outcome. When you are selecting your targeted keywords, you need to think about exactly what services or products you are aiming to gain exposure for. What is your company’s offering? There’s no point in trying to rank for a keyword if it isn’t specific to your brand. Even if this keyword has a huge search volume, there is no point in going after something that won’t directly benefit your business.

Once you have determined exactly what services or products you want to target through your search engine optimization campaign, you need to then establish your finalised keywords. For conducting comprehensive keyword research, free online tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush are used. When you are first using these tools, understanding exactly what kind of keywords to target can be an immediate determinate between success and failure.

guide2A proper understanding of research and buyer intent keywords will help you best determine what the most effective keywords will be. Research intent keywords are generally used in broad search queries. For example, a term like “Web design” will allow you to gain further information about the industry. These keywords will generally have very high search volumes, due to the informative nature of the search query.

The keywords that your search campaign should be targeting are the buyer intent keywords. These are the search queries that will provide you the kind of search traffic that your campaign is geared towards. These kinds of keywords always have a reference to purchasing or seeking a specific service. For example, “web design online” or “find web design” are search queries that searchers are using to specifically find a product or service. Targeting these types of keywords is imperative to the health and success of your campaign.

Once you’ve selected the search queries that are moulded around the users intention, you must select a variety of short tail and long tail keywords. Short tail keywords are generally the “money” keywords. These are queries like “find web design”, which have a huge search volume, and in turn are highly competitive. A good mix of these short keywords, as well as longer tail keywords like “find a web designer in Melbourne” is the best option. By targeting both shorter and longer phrases, your website will in turn rank for multiple other search queries that are related to the selected phrases.

It’s also important to properly understand the search volumes and in turn, how competitive a certain keyword is going to be. Search queries with a high search volume will always be the most competitive spaces, and this is where understanding you need a thorough understanding of your budget. The temptation will always be to target the keyword with the largest search volume in your industry, and focus all of your attention on that. Whilst this may seem like the best option when selecting your keywords, it’s usually better to spread the strategy around more of the mid-level keywords, that will bring in more convertible traffic.

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