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How Google Plus will Begin Affecting Search Engine Rankings

Google Plus and search engine optimisation may seem different to the untrained eye. However, the two are actually closely matched. Users of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter see Google Plus as just an attempt to get into the social media platform market. This may be true for the stock-standard social media user. Any SEO agency who run effective campaigns understands the real value of this social media platform.

The Effect of Regular Algorithm Updates

Updates are now coming regularly from Google. All search engine optimisation strategies have changed. There is no more blasting websites with thousands of exact match anchor text back-links. SEO has changed the way in which they rank sites. Old style techniques have gone out the window. They have been replaced with high quality, relevant content. They have been optimised with effective keywords.

So how does Google Plus fit in? With the focus on high quality content, authorship has become an integral part of any SEO campaign. By linking a Google Plus account to your website, you are increasing its authority.

Page Authroity Versus Domain Authority

Page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA) are important SEO metrics. Any “specialist” that is still only taking into account the PR (page rank) of a website isn’t worthwhile. Having a high PA and DA is becoming more important with every update.

Google Plus gives website owners and the chance to up the authority of their website. The link to Google Plus shows searchers that the website is in fact run by a person. It allows them to put a face to the name. Having this close tie allows you to socially share content through your website and your social networking sites.

Social sharing isn’t a game change in SEO but it is becoming increasingly important. Like anything to do with search engine optimisation, there’s no need to panic if you’re already on top of it. Staying ahead of the ever-changing game is difficult. Especially with the way Google makes alterations. The best way of ensuring quality of SEO is to be prepared for anything that is thrown your way.

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Google Plus and SEO - How They Fit Together
Find out how Google Plus and search engine optimisation fit together to determine page rankings of websites.
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