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Facebook Reinforcing the Importance of High Quality Content

A few days ago, Facebook introduced its latest algorithm update. So what does this mean for you as a dedicated Facebook user? This means, based on an internal survey conducted by Facebook, you will be provided with more quality content. Also, items that are considered by Facebook to be of lower quality will appear less in your News Feed.

How to Spot a High Quality Post

So what are these lower quality items and what are the high quality posts? According to Facebook, links to articles relating to your interests, and current events are of the best quality for you. But where will these articles be found? Facebook will be trying to surface the articles that get the most clicks from mobile phones. They will also show you articles that your friends have posted, or commented on.

The new update applies to the Facebook News Feed on both your desktop and mobile. However the increase in articles is likely to be more visible on your mobile device. Once you click on an article, a number of related articles may pop up underneath it in order to show you even more relevant content. This is based on your other clicks.

Articles Resurfacing

Articles that have been commented on by your friends a few weeks after they have been posted may re-surface. This is so you can see what your friends have said about them. Although it is a good idea in theory, it may lead to a few disgruntled users hiding content from their News Feed. This will be due to a lack of interest in the articles or stories that their Facebook friends are finding interesting.

Increase the prevalence of news stories in the News Feed. Facebook has also decided to minimise the prevalence of memes from external sites. This means that the number of funny little pictures and videos you’re used to seeing in your Facebook News Feed may decrease. Only if the memes are hosted somewhere other than Facebook.

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Facebook to Post More Quality Content
Facebook has announced that they are going to begin posting more quality content. This reinforces the need for companies to constantly be producing engaging, entertaining, and informative content.
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