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03 Oct 2014

Content Marketing Done Right

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Content is at the heart of a superior SEO strategy, and can help make or break your website. As an incredibly important sales tool, your website is there selling for you day in and day out, no matter what you are doing. The website is also usually your business’ first point of contact with both your current and potential clients, which means it needs to look, feel and read great.

Content is not only about writing. Content can be posted in the form of images, videos, infographics, social media statuses and slide shows. By diversifying your range of content, you are able to appeal to a wider audience, allowing for more interactions to occur. Social media marketing ties in very closely to this, as it is at the core of creating user engagement and interaction. Posting quality content on mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Google’s favourite, of course) and others, can help you spread the word about your business without you having to toot your own horn.

Social media posting of content is also great for networking and creating new connections with businesses that are similar to yours, or with other though leaders in the industry. Following the major players in your particular sector on Twitter or ‘Liking’ them on Facebook can get you recognised, and can help you to build your list of contacts and interact with them in a public space. Whilst many companies may not want to take your telemarketing or new business development calls, it is highly unlikely that they will leave a post on one of their social media pages not catered to, as it will look bad for their image.

Creating quality content for your onsite website pages is vital, as your website is the main hub for all things ‘you’, or realistically, ‘your business’. If you have just created your website, a once-off “SEO-ing” is simply not good enough. SEO is constantly changing and updating its methodology due to the fluctuations in Google’s algorithms. This means that you too must update your strategies and ensure that you are using content that is SEO-friendly. This means conducting SEO keyword research and placing the keywords you are targeting into your website content, in order to increase the likelihood of it being found on the first page of Google.

Placing a number of appeals into written content, such as humour or emotion appeals is a great way to relate to people on a more personal level, and to provide them with the useful, relevant and interesting information that they will not only read with joy, but will also pass on to their family, friends, uncle, and their sister’s cousin’s dog’s owner’s first wife. Content that goes viral is an instant and brilliant way of gaining major traffic to your website and increasing those all important conversions.

Cross-promoting content is another great way of helping you reach a larger audience if your own audience is not so big. Creating a ‘Blog’ section on your website and making relevant posts that might mention a particular company or brand, and then linking them to your content, may make them very appreciative, and they might just do the same for you.

Content marketing is not all that hard once you get the hang of it, and incorporating it into your SEO strategy is a crucial step to increasing web traffic, reaching company goals, and ultimately increasing your profits. For more information on content marketing and to get started with SEO, speak to an SEO agency today!

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Content Marketing Done Right
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Brett Hardiman is MD at SEO Melbourne Experts and a Search Engine Optimisation expert with over 15 years experience working with and advising businesses of all sizes on their internet marketing strategy.

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