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When conducting your own keyword research and determining what keywords your campaign will be targeting, it’s helpful to undertake competitor analysis. To do this, you’ll first need to determine who your greatest competitors are, and whether or not they are offering the same product or service that your business is. By analyzing your main competitors thoroughly, you are completing an overall market analysis that will allow you to properly identify strengths and weaknesses that your campaign can exploit.

The first step in SEO competitor analysis is by working out what websites are ranking at the top for one of your main target keywords. By simply inputting this term into Google and searching for it, you will immediately gain some interesting insights. The first few results that come up are holding the ranking position are the sites that are your main competitors. The metrics to analyse from these sites are Page Rank, Page Authority and Domain Authority. The page rank (PR) will range between 0-10 and the page and domain authorities (PA and DA) will vary between 0-100. These are important metrics, and are set by how old the domain is, how many backlinks are coming in, how much authority the creator of the site holds and how much high quality, relevant content the site produces. guide3

When you initially begin your competitor analysis and search for a couple of desired keywords, it will become clear how competitive the desired queries are. For example, if the keyword that you are considering targeting is “buy cars”, the first result is This website has a PR of 6, PA of 72 and a DA of 67. This shows that this site has a strong authority, and will be extremely difficult to rank for. For the term “buy cars”, the top 5 results feature one PR7, three PR6’s and one PR4. This immediately shows how ultra competitive this keyword is, and unless your business has a significant budget for SEO, should be steered clear of.

Once you have determined whom your main few competitors are, running an SEM Rush report is the next step. This is a free online tool that allows you to properly analyse a website and determine what keywords it is ranking for. By reviewing the keywords that are actually sending search traffic to your competitors, you are given great insight into exactly what kind of potential is there for your campaign.

By gaining proper insights into your competitor’s campaigns, you can speed up the process for your own. Instead of having to go through the whole trial and error stages of your campaign yourself, these tools are available to use to understand what works for others and what doesn’t. SEO is always an extremely competitive game, and any knowledge gained through these kinds of reports will be beneficial to the sustainability of your campaign. Once you’ve gained a real understanding of websites that you are planning to overtake in the rankings, it becomes a lot easier to tailor your campaign to include everything you want.

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