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SEO is becoming more integral than ever to the success of a business. Online marketing is now considered by most businesses to more important than offline. This is thanks to more businesses choosing to forgo a traditional office. They instead run their business entirely online. 2015 is definitely the year to get into online marketing. Some businesses have been focusing on their online presence. 2015 will offer them of new opportunities for growth. 2014 saw the emergence of a number of marketing trends. A number of major Google updates affecting SEO also came into effect. Predictions for 2015 indicate these trends expanding. There will also be some new trends.

Mobile Optimisation

More consumers than ever are browsing the web via their smart phones. Optimisation of websites is becoming increasingly important. This means that when customers access pages on their phones, the pages re-size themselves to fit the dimensions of a mobile screen. Another benefit of optimising for mobile is that it offers easy navigation options. There are strong indications that Google are planning to use mobile optimisation as a ranking factor. This will force wesbites to begin catering to their mobile consumers. If businesses do not optimise, their rankings will certainly take a hit.

Honest Links

The quality of your inbound links is still a major indicators of authority. Inbound links represent those links that only lead to your website. There are a number of popular methods for getting inbound links. Building quality links increase your ranking on search engines. It will also increase the type and quantity of traffic your website is receiving.

Organic Search Results

Paid searches can help with the advertising of a business. However, it is organic search results that will determine the success of a webpage.  Most consumers will rely on organic search results to find information. Generally, organic searches are seen as more trusted. With Google constantly updating its algorithms, organic search results can be unpredictable. Choosing a professional company who understands the updates can help your business can stay on top of search engines. The result of this will be domination in the online space within your industry.

Content Marketing – Just as Important As Ever

Content is extremely important in SEO. A recent slew of Google updates (such as the Penguin 3.0 update) has made the creation of good quality content more important than ever. Every Google update makes algorithms more sophisticated and able to return better search results. The creation of good content is becoming ever more important to the success of a business.

Some websites try shady black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, and the insertion of bad links. These websites are heavily penalised by Google. When it comes to content, there is no substitute in the end for high quality, engaging, and informative content.

Create an Unforgettable User Experience

Google updates focus on the user experience a website is delivering to its visitors. UX in becoming a more important ranking factor in search results. Setting up your website so that it is visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and simple to use, will help your business rank more highly.

Vary Your Social Media

Social media doesn’t have a direct effect on the ranking of the business. However, it can still impact search results. Google tends to listen to what brands are being talked about on social media. Share content based around your brand on a variety of trusted platforms. This will impact well on your rankings.

2015 & Beyond

SEO has been growing in importance. 2015 suggests that SEO will become more important to the success of a business. With Google constantly updating its algorithms. SEO has become a constantly changing field. It offers a huge number of opportunities to those businesses who learn it. 2015 suggests that while things like UX and optimisation will grow in importance. Other aspects of SEO such as organic search results, content, and social media will be as important as ever.

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