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30 Dec 2013

Can a Blog Help Your SEO?

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What can a Great Blog do for Your Company?

Although not often discussed, blogging can help improve your SEO strategy and increase your chances of ranking where you want to be. How does this work? It’s quite simple really. Each time you write a new blog for your company website, it adds another page. Each new page creates another URL, and each URL increases the likelihood of your website being ranked in Google’s search results.

Of course, this may make it seem like the more blogs you write the better. However, bombarding your current or potential clients with too much information, especially if it is boring or irrelevant, is never a good idea. Creating a content management strategy is a good idea, so that you can regulate the amount of content you post and when. This way, you can keep users up-to-date on relevant and current trends without hurling information at them and expecting a response from every new blog post.

Utilise Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring your blog posts are mobile responsive is key, as this allows users to read them on the go, which is what most people are choosing to do nowadays. The likelihood of someone sitting on their laptop at home and going through blog posts is much lower than someone who is browsing the Internet on their phone on their way to or from work, or to meet a friend.

Eye-catching blogs posts and articles are always a great way to keep in touch with new and current users, and adding interactive features, such as the option to share the blog post on social media networks or comment on it is a great way to make it go viral. These blogs can be presented in a number of different ways. They don’t have to be just text; you can input images, slideshows, infographics, or any other bits and pieces you think your target audience will find interesting.

Why not Try a Video Blog?

Alternatively, you can create a video blog, as visuals are often much more interesting to look at than just plain text, and often lead to a user staying on your site for longer. If they like what they see, people are also more likely to share and spread the content around, thus creating a positive image for your company and spreading it’s name through word-of-mouth.

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Can a Blog Help Your SEO?
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