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Online authority helps to determine the likelihood of a website ranking well in search engine results. The ranking strength of your website may be high or low, depending on a number of different factors. These factors are likely to include your content, links, social signals and various testimonials, sponsorships and endorsements. Combining all of these elements helps to create a cohesive and comprehensive SEO strategy that can greatly increase the authority and traffic of your website.

Content that is unique and of a high quality can help increase your authority, as it reiterates the value that you can bring to your potential customers. By creating a consistent stream of relevant and interesting content, you can grow your online authority, positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field. Publishing curated content from other, high authority sources can also help to increase your authority, whilst building positive relationships with other thought leaders. A good idea is to start off with niche content, catering perfectly to those within your specialised field, and then to expand on a broader range of topics once your audience grows.

Links that direct Internet users to your content imply that your posts are, in fact, interesting and relevant. Link building can help to grow online authority, and one way this can be achieved is through content marketing. Content marketing ensures the publishing of unique and valuable content with a set audience in mind, who will find the information useful. The use of content marketing should generate links from other websites or blogs, as well a variety of social media platforms, which were created for sharing.

A strong social following is a great way of proving your authority status, especially with the use of Google Plus. Anyone who has a Google Plus account should easily be able to use the Google authorship function to help add credibility and authenticity to their work. Google rewards content posted on your website that is linked to your Google+ profile, as it accepts it as a reliable source. It also helps put a face to your name, as well as allowing you to segment your audience in order to provide relevant content to the appropriate audience.

Additionally, if your content is being shared on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, it is regarded as having more authority, due to all of the incoming social signals that are directing users to it. No one wants to share around boring and irrelevant content – and why would they? Utilising social media techniques to influence your authority rank, as well as helping to increase website traffic and build brand awareness, is a viable element of most SEO strategies and should not be ignored, especially with the after-effects of Google’s Hummingbird update, which places a lot more emphasis on social signals.

Testimonials, endorsements and sponsorships help Google to see your company as more of an authority figure by providing genuine and helpful information in regards to your brand, and once again spreading it around to others. Relationships are built, and recognition is gained from all the right sources, for all the right things.

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