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22 Oct 2013

A Sustainable SEO Campaign

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With Google changing both the Analytics tool and the Keyword tool recently, a clear pattern has emerged. They’ve geared all SEO based tools towards PPC campaigns rather than organic results. It has been swift and decisive and has left some of the SEO industry behind.

Google doesn’t endorse SEO. Whilst they tolerate white-hat strategies to an extent, any hint of a black hat strategy will see your website penalised. It makes perfect sense. By being harsher on organic results and changing the ways in which sites are being ranked, the webmaster or owner of the business will be more inclined to invest in a Google Adwords campaign.

The removal of the majority of the traffic sources information on Google Analytics is the most obvious pointer towards this new focus. With analytics users now only seeing a small percentage of their traffic sources, they may be less inclined to try and rank their site organically.

There is a solution though. By using a combination of the remaining Google Analytics tools as well as Google Webmaster Tools, you can still get a handle on where most of your traffic has come from. These changes in the Analytics tool have been implemented to affect search engine marketers directly.

Whilst some of the tools have changed the ways in which marketers read the data, the ideology behind an SEO campaign is still consistent. A proper SEO company will strive for the best possible results in highly competitive spaces. Illegitimate agencies will guarantee rankings for selected keywords, but these keywords will have a ridiculously small number of searches per month.

Having your website rank in a competitive space is no mean feat. Highly competitive industries are all battling for the top spots for a small number of keywords. By finding an SEO company who can produce rankings for these sorts of keywords will be extremely beneficial. If your website is ranking highly for a high traffic keyword, it is guaranteed to receive increased traffic based on sheer volume alone. Once your site is receiving the desired levels of traffic, you can then analyze the conversion rates and how the site is performing.

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