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In today’s digital world, everyone understands that social media is an increasingly important tool. It should be embraced by both individuals and companies. Listed below are 6 facts about social media that you probably didn’t realise.

1. Social Media Accounts Should be Open 24/7

To put this into context, 68% of Twitter users expect a response within 2 hours. Social media accounts are the go-to platform for the public to vent their frustrations. Also their pleasure with a company. These platforms are accessible to everyone. They are appealing in that one can immediately have their own voice regarding a matter.

The employee who handles your organisations Twitter account only works 9-5. This does not mean that the Twitter feed should only be open 9-5. Particularly as the majority of people are going to be Tweeting your company outside this time anyway. To get around this, hire people who can Tweet outside these times. Perhaps ensure you have scheduled Tweets to go out at various points of the day.

Social media accounts are the first port of call for the younger generations and it is for this reason that every company should have a presence on these platforms. Frankly, in the eyes of Generation Y and Z, if you do not exist online, you do not exist at all.

2. Don’t Forget YouTube

When you’re viewing the search result pages for your business, remember: Google owns YouTube. If you have the time and resources, adding a YouTube channel and uploading videos on behalf of your business could mean huge increases in website traffic thanks to SEO.

YouTube has the highest engagement and lowest bounce rate of all the social media platforms. People love videos and it has been proven that websites with video hold visitors for 2 minutes more on average than sites without video. The more content you have on YouTube, the more opportunity there is to engage potential customers. Remember too, to optimise your websites channel and videos.

3. Facebook Sends the Most Amount of Traffic

Despite what many people have been saying in recent years, Facebook is still one of the most influential social media sites. It is in fact the most powerful social media referral engine available. Whilst Facebook sign-up rates may be slowly dropping, it still drives more traffic than any other site.

It may be disheartening when you don’t receive a huge amount of interaction from your Facebook page. It is still important to ‘stick with it’.

4. Keep Pinning on Pinterest

Pinterest is a slow but steady race, be patient. Revenue from your Pinterest page will happen, but it will just take time. After Facebook, Pinterest is the second largest referral platform in terms of social media. Do not be disheartened by lack of engagement with your Pinterest profile. It will happen however it may take a fair few months.

 5. Be Active on Google+

Perhaps one of the less glamorous social media platforms. Google+ is still crucial to your digital marketing. Surprisingly, Google+ is now the second largest social media platform after Facebook.  A good Google+ profile is going to reward you in terms of your SEO.

Recently, Google+ has undergone some changes. Most recently in mid-June 2014, Google started to drop authorship photos from search results. Remember to keep updating your Google+ profile. Keep the information on your profile relevant, both about you and about your interests. Mention others and connect with others in your posts and they are bound to return the favour. This will increase exposure Maintain a steady presence on Google+ similar to the way you update your Facebook and Twitter profiles. It is bound to serve you in the future.

6. LinkedIn is Helpful For More Than Just Job Searching

Many people believe the only benefit in creating a LinkedIn profile is as a sort of ‘online resume’. In fact, LinkedIn serves many other purposes than just as a job-searching tool. For instance, view your profile as your ‘brand’. Use it as a way to stay-up-to-date with your network. You can communicate with your peers and gain knowledge in areas that interest you.

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform to publish your work, and follow companies, groups and influencers that interest you.


Hopefully the above information has given you a bit more insight into what must be remembered when engaging in social media. Should you require further information or you want to understand more in regards to social media, contact us here.


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